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Our Company

We started up in 2019, with the passion and ambition to support local farmers, olive growers, artists and small family businesses in the South of Italy.

In the recent years, we noticed that the towns and villages are getting empty in Calabria. Labour scarcity, no economic flow and no proper infrastructure make farming very difficult. Families are leaving this business as it cannot provide proper income.

Some of the traditional art techniques and some special traditional recipes will disappear, if the community can not gain back the value it deserves.

As this is not an easy reality to accept, we decided to do something back for the community.

We started up a company to bring the beauties of South of Italy, first to Netherlands (our second home) and then to other countries to share the culture and enable the continuity of the traditions from the region.

That’s how Coranta was born…

Currently, we live in Eindhoven and now working extra for our start-up with the desire to create jobs back in our home in Calabria.

We started with the olive oil from our land, a delicious traditional taralli (bread-like savory pastries from Puglia region), various hand-picked truffle products and hand-made, hand-crafted ceramic kitchenware from Squillace.

You may think that we are a strange combination – we intentionally build a scattered product portfolio as we planned this year to be our market research to define our focus.

Plus, we simply didn’t want to refuse enthusiastic local producers who wanted to expand their market reach outside of Italy.