Taralli pugliesi

Taralli Pugliesi are a bite-size savoury snack great for anyone…anywhere. These fine bagel style Taralli crackers are made according to an ancient recipe from a small family run bakery in Puglia. They are made with the highest quality ingredients, by hand, to avoid altering the taste conferred by tradition.

Taralli pugliesi are made of a simple dough formed into rings, simmered and further baked to the right point. Just crunchy and crisp enough!

Enjoy them with drinks, especially with wine and prosecco, to accompany meals or as snacks at home or at work.

They are born to accompany wine in an aperitivo setup but evolved into an snack for everyday or a cooking ingredient.

Allergen info: The taralli may contain trace amounts of sesame, fennel, oat, barley, malt, nuts, milk (lactose) and sulphides.

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