Dinner Plate Rustic Style 26cm

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Rustic style dinner plate, handprinted and hand-made in Terracotta from Squillace (Italy)

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This dinner plate in a rustic style is handmade in terracotta (cooked ceramic) and hand-painted. The plate is perfect to give your table a rustic touch and a colorful twist. Great for daily use in your kitchen and serve your beautiful meals at the table.

You can buy single plates or a set of 4 and 6 plates to your choice.

Size: 26 cm

The ceramic is resistant to water, it is suitable for daily use, the product is dishwasher safe and can be used in a traditional oven. This product is not suitable for microwave use!

The technique used for this rustic style is the result of a blend of colors painted with a “tree-branch” technique consequently, aimed at reproducing marble-like patterns with a colorful touch.

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Each item is made by IDEART in Squillace (Italy), a small group of artisans living in the South of Italy. Most importantly, They manufacture each piece following a traditional technique. Each product is hand-painted therefore, the look may differ slightly from each other.

Dinner Plates

The start of any tableware is a good dinner plate collection. There are many different types of plates, which vary based on material, size, and design, as well as extra features. Every dinner plate is Not made for every occasion. You can always use multiple different types of dinner plate sets, depending on the occasion.
Pile your plate high with pasta, serve a scrumptious salad, or keep it classy on pizza night with a wide range of dinner plates for every occasion. Whether you are serving a casual lunch or entertaining guests, this is a dinner plate that is perfect for the occasion. Your dining table should be more than just a place to sit and eat.

In conclusion, With the help of caronta, it is easy to make your table a reflection of you and your style.


1 piece, Set for 4, Set for 6


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