Taralli Grano Arso


Savoury biscuits hand-made in Puglia, ideal with aperitivo.

The product contains 400gr of yeast-free biscuits based on sun-dried wheat flour, water, salt, olive oil and wine.

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What is Taralli Grano Arso?

Grano arso literally means burnt wheat. Flour made with it is ‘farina di Grano arso and has a history going back many centuries as part of the gastronomic tradition of ‘poor kitchen’ in Northern Puglia. Taralli Grano arso was traditionally made from the bits of wheat left in the field after the harvest. So, Bonavoglia taralli are unique.

This taralli is the impromptu story of an ancient Apulian tradition, that of enhancing the culture of “burnt” wheat, that is the wheat that remained in the peasant culture on the ground after the harvest and the burning of the tow, now obtained with the method of smoking. Superb Taralli with extra virgin olive oil, obtained from burnt wheat (smoked), and processed by hand.

Handmade and wholly produced following the original recipe: the use of type 0 status wheat and burnt wheat makes them an ode to pure traditionality.

What is the taste of Taralli Grano Arso?

Taralli, a regional Puglia cracker, is an unsweetened cracker that is first boiled, then baked. Another longtime Puglia staple is “grano arso” which is burnt wheat. These crackers have a perfect subtle crunch and a smoky, nutty flavor. Our taralli, unique in taste, are handmade. They are fully produced according to the traditional recipe. For both raw materials and production processes, strictly artisanal. We use only and exclusively high-quality ingredients from Puglia. It is used to make fresh traditional Pugliese pasta, orecchiette, cavatelli, fusilli. And sometimes bread and buns.

In addition, Savory biscuits are hand-made in Puglia, ideal with Appetizers.

The product contains 400gr of yeast-free biscuits. It is based on sun-dried wheat flour, water, salt, olive oil, and wine e.t.c.

The product contains Gluten. It may contain traces of sesame seeds, fennel seeds, barley, oat, malt, dry fruits, milk, and sulfites e.t.c.



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