White Truffle Balsamico (100ml)


White Truffle based Balsamico, perfect to dress green, Caprese, or caesar salad.

This product was made using real white truffle picked in Tuscany.

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White Truffle based Balsamico, perfect to dress green, Caprese, or caesar salad.

What is White Truffle Balsamico?

The White Truffle Balsamico has a dark, clear color developed by extended cask aging. The infusion of white truffles elevates this traditional balsamic vinegar.

We use the finest Barrel-Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP. Only specific varieties of the grapevine can be used in its production after that the finished product is refined in high-quality wooden vessels. The result is a velvety smooth balsamic vinegar. We expertly blend with our unique flavor as a result highest quality white truffle is made.

What does it taste like?

Velvety smooth texture, with delicate truffle aroma & woody overtones. Balanced bitter-sweet balsamic vinegar tastes most importantly with white truffle flavor throughout.

How should I use it?

There are many Uses of our White Truffle Balsamico. Above all it can be used as a luxury dipping sauce for bread & vegetables, or add to gourmet sauces & marinades. In other words, This extremely versatile oil is perfect for adding depth to risotto & pasta. We recommend using a gourmet salad dressing!

Moreover, if you’re feeling extra fancy, you could add a teaspoon of minced fresh rosemary, thyme, or basil. A dash of red pepper flakes is perfect for anyone that likes a little extra heat to White Truffle Balsamico.

Like many good things, the trick is not using too much. If you’re about to eat truffle oil by the spoonful so, you should buckle up in other words that would be a LOT in one bite. In this vinaigrette, truffle oil is combined with olive oil in other words It makes a salad dressing with just the right amount of truffle.


This product was made using real black truffle picked in Tuscany.

All our products are exclusively made of natural and real truffle products. These truffles are picked in the area of Volterra directly from the producer of this product.

This product does not contain any chemicals. For instance 2,4 dithiapentane to produce truffle-like odors. 

Above all this product is hand made and does not contain any preservatives.

Made in Italy


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