White Truffle Butter (Tartufo marzuolo)


This butter is especially indicated to season your Risotto quickly and with a natural and special flavour.

Butter containing 5% of real white truffle (Tartufo Marzuolo) picked in Tuscany. (Net weight 80gr)

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What is White Truffle Butter?

Truffle butter is a staple in your refrigerator. It is a butter enriched with luxurious truffles, black or white varieties. … Both black or white truffle butter is used interchangeably as a matter of taste. There’s a reason this luxurious truffle butter is a favorite of the world’s great chefs—it makes just about everything taste amazing. It starts with butter churned from the milk of cattle. Further, these Cattle graze in mountain pastures, which adds natural richness and complexity.

For deep, savory flavor with delicate, earthy notes of garlic, artisans blend the clarified butter with minced white truffles from Italy. As a result, a fragrant golden butter that adds extraordinary flavor to meats like seared steaks, grilled burgers, and roast chicken is made. Or drizzle it over everything from pasta, risotto, and vegetables to popcorn.

What is the taste of White Truffle Butter?

White truffles have been said to resemble the taste of shallots with a musky, earthy aroma and best used with shellfish, white fishes, chicken, and rabbit. White truffles, which are actually off-white or beige, have a deep flavor and a somewhat garlicky fragrance. Moreover, Both white and black truffles can be used in truffle butter. When buying truffle butter, make sure it is made with fresh truffles (you should be able to see the specks), rather than truffle oil, which can be made from synthetic truffle flavor.

How to use White Truffle Butter?

You can use it either to enhance eggs, mashed potatoes, pasta, soups, vegetables, fish, and meat. Deglaze a pan with wine and add a tablespoon of truffle butter for a rich and flavorful sauce.

Above all this butter is especially indicated to season your Risotto or a natural steak. So, give a twist to poached or fried eggs or simply enjoy it on some freshly baked bread.

Butter containing 5% of real white truffle (Tartufo Marzuolo) picked in Tuscany. (Net weight 80gr)

All our products are exclusively made of natural and real truffle products, to clarify,  these truffles are picked in the area of Volterra (Tuscany, Italy) directly from the producer of this product.

This product does not contain any chemicals For instance, such as 2,4 dithiapentane to produce truffle-like odors 

This product is hand made and does not contain any preservatives.

Made in Italy

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